This is my story

My life has not been a long calm river. Some may recognize themselves through my testimony for having experienced similar things to mine. Nevertheless, from the belly of my mother, just like you who reads these lines, my Heavenly Father already had the look on me and he was watching.


I was not a desired child. Also, at the age of two months, I was entrusted to a foster family. Then, at the age of 9, my mother came looking for me so I could live with her. This has been a tear for me. Then, for many reasons that I will not show respect for my mother, I was again entrusted to my foster family. In hindsight, I see how through this family God has taken care of me and allowed me to return to my destiny.


It was at this time that I met a nun who also loved me and I think that to this day, if I have the opportunity to give you this testimony, it is because this woman In secret, prayed for me and asked me for the Lord. I am convinced of it. So I became attached to this woman of God and started looking for God. But where is this God who makes her so joyful? And if it really exists, why have I already gone through all this suffering? What are you doing God? Where are you ? Tell me why I'm here! Do you love Me? The sky seemed to me of brass.


I continued my quest and hoped to find an answer. I went regularly to the convent where this sister lived, I was known in this one! I loved being in this place where I felt something that I did not know how to express. Was it God? So I spent my pre-adolescence then part of my adolescence to seek this God. I wanted my life to serve a cause, I wanted to live for something. What if I became a missionary?


Nevertheless, things were not as I would have wished and my life took a different turn. I started to forget God and to take a path on which my life has gradually slipped into hell. I lived difficult things and my heart was filled with bitterness and questions, including the one: Why do I live? I wanted to be loved and yet, on the contrary, did everything not to be loved. I lived rejection. I tried to fill this lack of love in various ways, but nothing helped, my heart was still so empty and my descent into hell continued.


And then in 1988, a grandma in the street approaches me and gives me a paper and say to me: "Come to this meeting my daughter, Jesus loves you". My first thought was: She is crazy this woman! On this paper, it was noted that a gospel group would give a concert on a public square in the city. This concert was free. I have kept this paper but without any desire to go there. However, the night of this concert, I lived in a room above a bar and he had a hubbub not possible, I could not rest. So I decided to go to this concert. After all, it could be nice.


And now, this concert has begun. Not bad the music. Friendly. Well, the lyrics, a little "innocent" but I like the music. And then, all of a sudden, one of the singers who was on the platform pointed at me (what was happening to him) and he started singing while looking at me and still staring at me. I was embarrassed and I wanted to put myself in a mouse hole, even run away, but I could not, I stood there listening to what this man said and the tears I could not hold began to flow. This singer was telling me about my life and he told me how much God loved me and that today it was Jesus speaking to me. My heart was pounding. I knew that it was this God that I had sought so much that today spoke to me, it was like a seal on my heart. It is He who speaks to me today, it is He. That night, I realized that He knew everything about me and that He had given His son Jesus just for love of me. So I decided to follow him and a wonderful adventure began. I have never regretted this choice.


A few days after this conversion experience, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. I started to evangelize around me. All the opportunities were good, be it with my neighbors, my colleagues, but also with those who are on the ban of society (sdf, drug addict, ...).


For many years, whatever my hand could do for the Lord, it did, and wherever God sent me, I announced Jesus.


In the 2000s, the Lord allowed me to live a special experience where He drew me to my room to pray and discover his heart. In this "secret" place, I experienced so much God's love for me, his deep peace, his loving sweetness. It was also times of consolation and inner healing. I love going to shelter under his wings.


At that time, I had a narrow vision of my life and the communities I had attended on how God sees Christians of all faiths and his love for them and me. There he wanted to make me his vase as He wanted. At the same time, opportunities to meet Christians of all faiths opened up to me. I worked in a Christian bookstore where many encounters made me discover their love for our God. I joined a fraternity (a group of Christians of many denominations), then a coordination (gathering of "shepherds" prayer groups of the charismatic renewal) and became, to my surprise, a few weeks later, coordinator with a Catholic sister of these same groups, after election (it was the first time that an evangelical was elected for this mission in this department). Our role was to coordinate the life of prayer groups with each other, to organize gatherings ... That's how I had on my heart to organize in the framework of Objectif France, a gathering by inviting each Servant of God of the city, all confessions, where each of them could bring us a message that God put on his heart for our country. Everyone answered this and it was a success. In parallel, many servants of God publicly prophesied a prophetic ministry for the nations on my person and I was training with a renowned spiritual accompaniment.


In 2007, I had the grace that God placed on my heart a vision based on Ezekiel 37. This vision has been submitted to many servants of God throughout the world and fully accepted and approved as coming from the Lord. Afterwards, many opportunities opened up to me, doors opened to enter my destiny and announce this message.


It would be a lie to say that my life was easy, but God has always been there by me and He helps me in all the situations I go through. He is my life, my future. I am so happy to belong to him.


He guides every one of my steps and without any violence, without constraint, He helps me to confide everything to Him and to give myself a little more each day to his love. And then, He comforted my heart, He dressed it, He also liberated me from many bonds that kept me captive. He also healed me many times in my body and if today I live, it is through Him. Oh, how He makes me every day experience his love. I also thank him for my wonderful husband Claudy with whom I complicity, complementarity and happiness of living.


So, you who read these lines, I want to tell you that Jesus loves you and wants to take care of you. You are not the result of chance. God has plans for your life, projects of peace and not of misfortune to give you a future (yes a future) and hope (and what hope!). Hear him blow to your heart: My child, I love you and I want to go with you. Do you want it?


With love, Corinne


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